Full Pro Restoration is a leading company in plumbing leak repair services. If you detect a water leak in your home, it is very important to repair it as soon as possible to avoid damage to your belongings and high-cost bills in your water service. Easier to detect household plumbing leaks include leaking faucets and leaking water heaters.

Other types of household leaks hidden underground, behind walls or under floors can be very difficult to detect and go unnoticed for a long time. If you do not see obvious physical signs of a water leak but suspect you have one, you can contact the Full Pro Restoration team.

Full Pro Restoration can identify the source of the leak, recommend an action plan and inspect any other household leakage or damage caused by the leak.




Full Pro Restoration offers emergency services of any type of water damage, we locate and repair all types of water damage.











If you have a leak in the upstairs bathroom, it is important to find the source of the leak and stop the flow of water as soon as possible. Otherwise, your home will be at risk of serious water damage. When you have a water leak on the floor from an upstairs bathroom and you are not sure where Full Pro Restoration comes from, check the following points:

- Toilet: the seal between your toilet and the floor is called a wax ring. A defective or worn out wax ring can allow water to seep into the subfloor and ceiling every time a toilet is discharged. Symptoms of a bad wax ring include water on the floor near the base of the toilet and an unpleasant smell of sewer gas. If you do not see water on the floor around the toilet, a leak around the wax ring may be allowing the water to seep directly into the subfloor.

- Shower: if a leak occurs while the water is running, it is most likely that there is a damaged tile in the shower or the shower faucet behind the wall. If the leak continues even after the shower is no longer working, it is most likely from a water supply pipe inside the wall or subfloor.

- Sink: a leaking sink is usually the result of problems with gaskets or washers in the faucet or drain assembly. The joints are a flat seal, usually of rubber or plastic, between two surfaces, such as the base of the faucet assembly and the top of the toilet. A washer is a circular seal that is used under the screws in a tap assembly. If a gasket, washer or o-ring is worn or damaged, they can allow water to seep because they no longer form a secure seal.



Mold damage to properties is very usual in the state of Florida, especially in the south. The weather in South Florida varies from time to time; from warm to humid, being that a chance for mold to appear and/or spread. When moisture thrives, mold may be excessive on your property; it often leads to damages and losses, and also it may affect your health.
Once mold takes hold, it will spread quickly, causing heavy damage to your property and belongings. And the most harmful effects won’t stop with property damage.



Fire damage could happen from a lightning strike, a candle left burning, or even a kitchen fire and it can be extremely devastating for you and your family. After the fire trucks are gone, you will likely be wondering about the damages from fire and smoke that your home suffered. Full Pro Restoration has the specialized fire damage cleanup and restoration training and experience to quickly restore your home. We also have the equipment for odor removal and deep cleaning of upholstery and carpet that your home needs. ​ We are experts on smoke odor and soot removal, structural repairs, flooring restoration and replacement, content cleaning, and even ozone treatment.

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